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Availability for The Ivory is limited and varies. Click here to check our current availability.

Feel free to complete the form to let us know WHAT you are looking for and WHEN you need it. Other buildings in our portfolio may have units available as well so feel free to check those out too! www.theschofieldresidences.com and www.theseasonsatperkpark.com

Discover the CRM Difference

With an eye on quality and service, CRM, a family-owned business is all about the resident. Without layers of personnel to go thru to get any issue resolved, our service surpasses the industry by our hands-on approach.

Residents are our first and primary concern. Call, email, text or utilize our online maintenance portal to resolve any issue generally within 24 hours.

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The Ivory on Euclid is a CRM Companies, Inc. Property.

Please see our other fine properties at www.crminc.us